Sighisoara is for mostly a medieval rural gothic style Citadel but also has renaissance and baroque architecture additionally constructed the XVIth and XVIIIth Centuries.

sighisoara turnul cu ceasFrom the original defensive system started in the XIVth century, today you still admire 9 towers, 2 bulwarks and a part from the defense wall. The towers of the citadel placed in the vulnerable spots in the wall having both shooting galleries and artillery bulwarks. From all these, The Tower Clock 64 meters height is the most impressive because it is one of Transylvania’s biggest monuments and also the symbol of SIGHISOARA. The Clock tower is equipped with two 2.4 meter diameter clock faces and a rotary mechanism revolves every 24 hours showing the specific figure for the day the “Down Town” window.

In the Middle Ages religious architecture was as important as military. From the 9 churches functioning from the XIVth to XVIIIth century there are 3 still practicing today. The Monastery church, The church from the hill and the Lepers church their walls religious, funeral paintings and sculptures of unusual beauty can be admired.

Sighisoara piata centrala - Pensiunea Casa LegendaAs far as the civil architecture is concerned curious that most of the 164 lived-in houses in the Citadel are at least 300 years old and are considered historical monuments.

Here can be seen the semi cylindrical sand stone arches specific to the XIVth-XVth centuries, surrounds of the windows which are mock Venetian gothic style, whilst inside the ceilings and rooms are completely painted. Of all these buildings, the most important are “Vlad Dracul’s House“, “The Venetian House” and “The House with stag“.

A remarkable original construction, the biggest of its kind in Transylvania is “Covered Staircase” which gives easier access to the High School and “The Church from the Hill“, especially on winter days.

In spite of the XIXth century buildings, which partially changed the medieval architecture, Sighisoara’s Citadel remains the most beautiful array of medieval architecture in central and Southeast Europe.

Harta Sighisoara - Pensiunea Casa Legenda

1. The Tower Clock 2. The Tanneries Tower 3. The Coppersmiths Tower 4. The Old School 5. The Church from the Hill 6. The Jewelers Tower 7. The Rope makers Tower 8. The Butchers Tower 9. The Coat makers Tower 10. The Weavers Tower 11. The Tailors Tower 12. The Shoemakers Tower 13. The Locksmiths Tower 14. The Franciscan Church 15. The Dominican Chapel 16. The Coopers Tower 17. The Smiths Tower 18. The Dominican Monastery Church 19. The Old Church 20. The Covered Staircase 21. Vlad Dracul’s House 22. The House with Stag 23. The Legend House